Frequently Asked Questions about Old Flirt Dating

What is Old Flirt?
Old Flirt is an online dating site that offers senior dating, for American women and men aged over 40.

Is it FREE to use?
It's free to join, and use all the basic features. You will have the option to upgrade, which is essential to make full use of the site and communicate fully with other members. A small fee will be charged to members wishing to use some of the site's extra features.

Who can join?
You must be living in the USA and between the age of 40 and 100. Anyone from outside the USA will be unable to join. This is to make it more useful and safer.
We want you to meet someone who's not a million miles away - that's why we offer LOCAL DATING - so you can find someone in your own State or City.

How do I join Old Flirt?
To join Old Flirt as a free member just click on the "Register" link.
You just need to give an email address to get started. The email you give us must be a genuine one that you have access to, because you will need to reply to an email we send you in order to complete your membership application. This is done to ensure we keep all or members safe, and only letting real people join. Old Flirt is a great place to get in touch with other people anonymously and discreetly.

You don't need a credit card for Free Registration but if you decide to become a Full Member then we'll ask for some more details.
The system is securely encrypted so your card details are safe and private. You can pay by PayPal, or even have it charged to your cell phone bill.

How do I use Old Flirt?
Once registered as a free member you can "search" for other people to chat to, send a wink to and read their profiles. As a free member you can do many things for free, but we need to charge a small fee if you want to do more online and make that final link.

How can I find someone of the opposite sex?
First you need to set up your profile and upload a photo or two. It's important to write a good profile and add a photo - let the world know you're there.
You'll start to get messages from other members, and you will soon be in full-flirt mode. To get the best possible dating experience you should use the site regularly - at least every day. Send messages to as many people you like and try to answer all communications swiftly and politely. The most active members get better and quicker results. Get chatting and spread yourself around. Don't be afraid to flirt.

I don't like adult type dating sites. Will Old Flirt be offensive?
No, not at all. Old Flirt is family friendly. There is no adult content and no nudity.

How can I terminate my membership?
Just call our support desk or send us an email - details here of how to contact us >> click here for support.

Do you offer International Dating?
Old Flirt provides online dating for American singles at and for UK singles at

Is Old Flirt safe to use? I have heard some horror stories about online dating scams.
We do everything to ensure are members are 100% genuine. We use sophisticated anti-scam and security software to keep the bad guys out. That's not to say that scammers can get in, as with any dating site. So just observe a few simple rules to stay safe.

  • Never trust anyone, no matter what they say, until you know them very well.
  • Never send money to anyone, no matter how nice they appear, or how sad their story. You wouldn't give money to someone you just met in a bar.
  • Don't take people at face value. The Internet is an "open" environment, which some people will always exploit. Be sure that the profile you read, the photographs you see, and the things they tell you are really true. If in doubt ask pertinent questions, and report the member to us.
  • If someone makes you feel uncomfortable with rude suggestions you should (as in real life) ignore them. Report them to us.
  • We have worked hard to offer you the safest possible dating platform. We take member security very seriously and have a full-time team moderating member applications, so that scammers, crooks and liars don't get in your way. We are members of ONLINE DATING PROTECTOR who look after our site safety. We thinks it's well worth Old Flirt paying for that service, which comes free to you. No matter how safe we make the site, you should always be aware that wherever you look on the Internet there will be someone who is not honest and may not be who they say they are. Read our Dating Advice pages, and make sure you are savvy enough to not fall into any traps. Our helpdesk will always help you if you have worries about safety and need to report anyone you're unsure of.

If you have any more questions just call us or email your questions to us at Old Flirt Senior Dating.

Old Flirt is for men and women over 40 years of age

USA Dating for senior singles. You're never too old to flirt.
It's Free to join OldFlirt Dating, so why not sign up now, and start meeting new friends online.

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